A team of artists and multidisciplinary craftsmen at the service of dreamlike and exceptional creations.

A multi-disciplinary team

Philippe BRAY : Inspired by a night dream in 2012, Philippe launched himself into this original and uncertain creation with little means. From the beginning, the incredible reception of his creations by other humans, pushed him to persevere. Little by little, he knew how to make the art of shaping trees evolve. It is he who creates the new forms of seats and the exterior design of the sculptures. He is also in charge of the recovery of the trees and the distribution.

Jean came to lend Philippe a hand in 2017. Little by little, his mission to prepare the Trees evolved into sculpture. Today, he shapes the Trees himself and takes care of the material management.

Anaïs is in charge of the softness. She is the one who will, over the hours, bring the wood grain to become a skin of incredible finesse.

David gradually joins the team to prepare the trees to be carved.