Technical elements & advice

Maintenance advices, delivery methods, different approaches.

We offer you several different approaches

- You meet the sculpture on a fair, a showroom, a store, it is available, the dimensions correspond to your place: Here we go...

- You meet a sculpture that attracts you but it is already reserved, or its dimensions do not correspond to your place: We can make another version especially for you, according to your criteria.

- You cannot come to an exhibition, you consult our gallery and from these examples, we evoke your wishes, we note your dimensions and we let the LIVING inspire us towards a realization especially made for you. 


Made from Cedar and Sequoia hearts, our sculptures are rot-proof. This means that no known insect or fungus will have the appetite to come and nibble the wood.

Installed indoors, the Trees of Life require no maintenance. To dust them, we recommend a damp cloth. If a stain appears, we recommend rubbing with the scratching side of a damp dishcloth and using a little dishwashing liquid if it is a little greasy.

Installed outdoors, the Trees of Life will take on a gray patina. Rather light for the Cedar, rather dark for the Sequoia, which we recommend for indoor installation (for the reason of color change). This patina is normal and inevitable. Do not use any products to avoid greying.

Note: It is possible to lighten the gray patina by cleaning the wood with water under pressure (not too strong) every year. After a few years, it is also possible to re-sand the whole and the sculpture will regain its original color.


We do not provide delivery. Our prices are understood to be "ex-workshop".

Depending on your choice of carrier and the mode of transport, it is possible that you will have to ask us to pack the sculpture. In this case, we propose 2 formulas:

Pallet + wrapping in a blanket + wrapping = price 150 € HT

Box formula: In this case, we must make an estimate according to the materials required for the box. For information, a classic OSB box on a pallet of less than 2m x 1.2m x 0.8m is invoiced at 400 € HT.